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Storms Raise Everyone’s Eyebrows as They Look to Future of the Islands

Sandy ‘A Storm of Two Faces’ By Zack Hoverson and Robert Boswell As management at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island looks ahead to the upcoming release in January of its choice of a conservation plan, it again…
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The Day Bidding History Was Made

Prince, the record buy-back, runs in the corral after his vet check. By Wild Pony Tales Originally posted August 2007 It was a steamy morning on Chincoteague Island, the weatherman calling for a 93 degree day. A big crowd had…
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Pony Tales

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One of the stallions on Assateague Island.

To See Chincoteague Ponies, Wildlife Assateague Bus Tour Is Best Bet

By Cyndel Brunell ”What kind of bird is that?” “How much smaller are the Chincoteague ponies from regular sized horses?” “Are there any foals this time of year?” “How deep is the water they swim in?” If you want answers…
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Backyard Birds are Celebrated at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

With our region’s mild winter weather, more and more people are seeking opportunities to enjoy the out-of-doors or to get out and enjoy public lands such as our national wildlife refuges.  The 15th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) offers…
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Island Life, Pony Tales, Wildlife Tales

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Training My Own Chincoteague Pony

By Sonora Hannah In 2010, a non-profit organization called the Feather Fund made my life-long dream come true when they bought a four month old colt for me at the famous Pony Penning auction in Chincoteague Island, VA. That colt…
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Island Life, Pony Tales, Wildlife Tales

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