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Ponies from the famous Chincoteague wild pony herd splash their way into the holding area off Woodland Trail during one of the three roundups held each year. Photo by Wild Pony Tales.

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After the Swim. Foals and adults get a rest and a chance to dine on marsh grass after the famous swim from Assateague to Chincoteague. It is a chance for some of the many visitors that come to Pony Week to see the ponies up close. This year the Swim is Wednesday, July 24 and the Auction is Thursday, July 25. Photo by Wild Pony Tales.

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Chincoteague Swing Bridge operational from 1939 to 2010.

Wild Pony Tales Articles

Out & About January 11- February 1

Jan 11:  Volunteers are needed from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. to help Chincoteague Bay Field Station put oyster shells into bags for shoreline stabilization and for future reef-building. Event will take place in Greenbackville, Virginia at the Field Station’s Franklin City Road property. Hot drinks and light refreshments will be provided throughout the afternoon. [...]

Scribner’s Monthly 1877: Chincoteague the Island of Ponies

4,000 Early Spectators Cheer Ponies on Beach

By Robert Boswell This story was first posted in July 2011. Dawn was just breaking over the Atlantic Ocean on Assateague Beach on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Yet, up to 4,000 people were up and waiting as the waves lapped the sand on this warm morning near the end of July. It was not [...]

A Rhode Islander in Chincoteague: Not Every Dream Comes True

By Amy Lynn Richard Whoever gave me that first “My Little Pony” was probably not aware they had forever sealed my fate as a lover of horses. For as long as I can remember, these magnificent creatures have captivated me with their beauty and grace. But, as everyone who has been bitten by the horse [...]

Following the swim and a rest period, the Cowboys move the ponies to Ridge Road where they parade in front of thousands on their way to the Carnival Grounds.

By the Time Most People Arrive, the Cowboys are Already Riding

     Pony Penning in 2013 will be held the week of July 22-July 26. The Swim will be Wednesday, July 24 and the Auction, the following day, Thursday, July 26. For full schedule go to http://www.chincoteaguechamber.com/   By Misty Thornton and Robert Boswell Once again visitors from across the nation are making plans to head [...]

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Museum of Chincoteague Opens with Heritage Day Celebration

The Museum is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  (Closed Mondays and on July 4) For more information, visit the site here. By Misty Thornton Editor, Wild Pony Tales When you step into the doorway of the Museum of Chincoteague you have gone through a [...]

Early Visitors to Assateague Island

By Wilma Young About the writer: Wilma Young served as a senior volunteer at several national parks, coming to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge three times. Her last stay at the Chincoteague refuge was just before her 80th birthday in 1997-98. On this third stay she served as an environmental education teacher for the Chincoteague [...]


A Few Moments with a Dancing Otter

By Elizabeth Fread The first time I ever saw the river otter, I was pretty sure it was a muskrat or maybe a beaver. I was watching the bank side for birds to photograph, when I heard a faint splash. I looked out into the water and saw a smooth body that was brown and [...]

Yearlings from the famous Chincoteague wild pony herd, frolic along the service road on Assateague Island, Virginia. This photo was taken from the tour bus, ran by the Chincoteague Natural History Association. Photo by Wild Pony Tales.

As Spring Arrives, Pace Picks Up for History Association

By Misty Thornton Editor, Wild Pony Tales Beth Hanback is a bundle of energy and she needs to be. She’s the epicenter of a moving whirlwind with a dozen decisions an hour to make. Beth is the backbone and executive director of the Chincoteague Natural History Association, a group of supporters the Chincoteague National Wildlife [...]

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